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New functions introduced in TRANSPORT Tool

Jun 26, 2019 | Banking Transformation

We are proud to announce that the functionalities of our TRANSPORT Tool have been further extended.

TRANSPORT, MINDSPIRE’s own Core Banking Parametrization Tool can help with:

  • checking whether parameters are 100% aligned with parameter documentation,
  • documenting parameters in a business understandable parameter sheet format,
  • moving parameters between environments,
  • speeding up the root cause analysis of parameterization regressions.

The tool is developed by MINDSPIRE’s Banking Transformation Services under the governance and continuous feedback of our experts working on core banking implementations.

Transport tool new functions-2020

The new version of TRANSPORT, released today provides enhanced parameter exporting capabilities in either the FLEXCUBE native export file or the business readable parameter sheet format.

In addition to the new export functionality, we listened to our users and also released a feature that can create a difference between files (export or param sheet format), that can significantly speed up finding any regressions introduced during parameterization, a file and an environment, that can help with making sure your system is consistent with your documentation, and only shows any possible differences, two environments, that can help with replicating the parameterization of one environment to another – pretty much a long-awaited “move my parameters to my new environment” feature.

Transport tool screenshot

In fact, you can even do a bulk diff that helps with listing all the differences (and only the differences) between two environments for the 146 functions currently supported by transport. This is the “move ALL my parameters to my new environment” feature.

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