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Cookie Policy

MINDSPIRE Consulting Ltd.

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Cookie Policy for MINDSPIRE Consulting Ltd., (“MINDSPIRE”, “we”, “us”, “our”)

Last updated October 03, 2020

1. Introduction

This is the Cookie Policy of MINDSPIRE Consulting, accessible from mindspire.hu.

Our website (Mindspire.hu) uses cookies.

Since some cookies in use might not strictly be necessary for the delivery of our website, we ask you to consent to the use of our cookies when you visit mindspire.hu.

2. Our details

This website is owned and operated by MINDSPIRE Consulting Ltd.

MINDSPIRE Consulting Ltd. is registered in Hungary under Company Identification Number: 01 10 048810.

Our registered office is at 1027 Budapest, Ganz utca 16. V. floor.

You can contact us:

  • by post: 1027 Budapest, Ganz utca 16. V. floor
  • by using our website contact form(s)
  • by email, using: info@mindspire.hu

3. Cookies in general

A cookie is a small file containing an identifier (numbers and letters). Cookies are transferred by a webserver to a browser and stored by the computer using the browser software.

Each time the browser with the cookie requests a page from the webserver this identifier is sent back to the webserver.

Cookies may or may not contain information personally identifying a certain user. However, when a user discloses personal data (e.g. filling out a form), this can be connected with the information stored in the form of cookies.

4. Cookie types by expiry

Based on their expiry date the cookies can be labeled as “persistent” or “session” cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s computer until their expiry date set, or until they are deleted.

Session cookies are stored in the user’s browser memory until the browser is closed, at the end of the user session these cookies are deleted.

5. Disabling Cookies

Users of our website can prevent the storing of cookies on their computer by adjusting the settings on their browser.

In most browsers it is possible to disable the use of cookies and to delete cookies. Since the methods are different for browsers and versions users can consult the manuals of the browsers used by them for an up-to-date information about how to block and delete cookies.

Disabling cookies will result in loosing certain functionality and features of our website.

6. More Information

If you are still looking for more information then you can contact us by email: info@mindspire.hu

7. Cookies used on our website

This website uses the following cookies:
[authentication and status – we use cookies [to identify you when you visit our website and as you navigate our website, and to help us determine if you are logged into our website][ (cookies used for this purpose are: [identify cookies])]];
[personalisation – we use cookies [to store information about your preferences and to personalise our website for you][ (cookies used for this purpose are: [identify cookies])]];
[security – we use cookies [as an element of the security measures used to protect user accounts, including preventing fraudulent use of login credentials, and to protect our website and services generally][ (cookies used for this purpose are: [identify cookies])]];
[analysis – we use cookies [to help us to analyse the use and performance of our website and services][ (cookies used for this purpose are: [identify cookies])]]; and
[cookie consent – we use cookies [to store your preferences in relation to the use of cookies more generally][ (cookies used for this purpose are: [identify cookies])]].

8. Cookies used by service providers

Service providers use certain cookies which may be stored on your computer when you visit this website.

We use Google Analytics on our website, gathering data about the usage of our site. Google Analytics collects data by using cookies.

The information gathered by Google Analytics is used to create reports about the usage of our website.

More about Google’s use of information: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/

Google’s privacy policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy