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New Lending Front-End implementation with BPR



2017.03 – 2017.09



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General Banking Services



Developing processes on a „blank page”, NOT using „as-is” processes: Design by IPO (Input-Process-Output).

Define value added activities process by process, and specify the required steps, that can be executed easily, quickly, digitally.

Project scope and targets

Designing new, digital, customer centric, paperless loan processes for retail segment to increase the performance of lending processes in order to meet the expected KPIs.

The aim was to reduce defects, decrease lead time, optimize personal contacts, cut back manual activities, launch digital solutions.
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Our main contribution

Bring in absolutely new method for the Bank, proposing 88 new digital solutions with the Lending Front-End implementation project.

Leading and documenting the workshops.

Regularly inform the key stakeholders about the progress of the project.

Create new processes (~32) for the Front-End system.

Set up measurement concept and IT Roadmap to support the implementation phase.

Project organization and roles

MINDSPIRE led the methodology part of the project, ensuring the full BPR technology (Design by IPO) with mindset change, the preparation of the workshop schedule and the calculation of the required resources.

Bank PMO as responsible of the project management, ensuring project reporting, change management, resource allocation, organization of workshops and presentations.
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Main involvement areas

  • BPR Methodology
  • Stream management
  • Planning and follow-up of Milestones and Resources

MINDSPIRE profiles involved

  • Methodology experts

  • Stream leaders

  • Digital experts

  • Lending experts

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